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Land was mowed, tilled, limed, planted on, and watered. 

Onion bulbs, various marigold and butterfly seeds, various seeds of squash, various seeds of beans, and beets were all planted.



Plowing has started on the "ONE HUNDRED ACRE FARM" in Brookneal. Disc and tilling then, Seeding to follow.

Thank you Master Gardener Team of Lynchburg for coming out and consulting and suggesting our next steps with the farm and planting. Thank you John Harding for your heart to give back to the community and families in need. 

Thank you Falling River Baptist and Brookneal Baptist for Partnering with CTTAM in the Food Distribution for the Brookneal Community.

Thank you Foster Fuel for the coats for distribution Jan-Feb 2023.

Foster Fuels/CTTAM Christmas Coat Distribution 2022

Campbell County Partnership Award Summer 2022

Pam, from Rustburg Methodist Church and Jorge Cruz, from Come to the Altar Ministry, Inc, both received the Partnership Award from the Campbell County Sheriff's Department for their excellent work with their Food Pantry in Rustburg and Brookneal VA., respectfully. 

                     Shoe Drive Fundraiser


September 20, 2021, Come to the Altar Ministry completed the shoe drive fundraiser with 125 bags total. Thank you to the churches, organizations, and individuals who have supported and come alongside us for this fundraiser. 

Thank you again to Karl Miller Realty for being our central drop-off location for the shoe drive! 

As of August 2nd, 2021, Come to the Altar Ministry has completed a total of 27 bags of shoes. By the end of the Shoe DRIVE on August 31, we completed 125 bags or 3,125 pair of shoes. For our efforts, we received a check for $1,376.00 from Fund2orgs Thank you Karl Miller Realty for being our central drop-off location, and to all the businesses, individuals, and families who have donated shoes for the cause. We appreciate you and all the communities that are coming alongside us!

Volunteer Opportunities

            Sheriff Dept Volunteers               Pamela and Dennis from UM Rustburg              Liberty Volunteers 

At the Ministry Fair            Volunteering at GFTW       BRPC Golf Fundraiser


                             Christmas 2020

 These four families were blessed during the Christmas holiday with turkeys and gifts. They were all grateful for their gifts and food, and there was one especially touched (in green shirt) that he played us three Christmas songs on the ministry's piano!

COVID-19 Initiatives

Our ministry is ready to help those affected by the COVID-19 virus. Working alongside the Rustburg United Methodist Church, the Rustburg Sheriff’s Department, and the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, we brought much-needed food relief and other resources to hundreds of families in the community this year.

Many individuals lost their unemployment benefits, families have lost their homes, and additional businesses will shut their doors permanently.

However, through your gift, we can help the hurting and be the ‘unity’ in community. Will you please partner with Come to the Altar Ministry, Inc. to make a difference and improve lives for many families in our communities?

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